Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Sci-Fi On A Budget

Reclaim, re-purpose, upscale are my watchwords. What are yours? Bearing this in mind I wanted a sci-fi Base of some kind; now, as we all know packaging comes in myriad shapes and sizes. Thus, I thought "that'll come in handy":

Once it held sausages. The steel washer I added, do not panic. One wash and dry later I sprayed the outside matte grey. Then brown. Then I got the masking tape out. The other camo colours are Vallejo Sand Yellow and Deep Sky Blue.

Ghar are the only faction that matters in BTGOA so I call this scheme Gharnter Camouflage. But what's that thing sticking up there? Glad you asked. It's the handle off a kitchen utensil I bought for 10p at the local charity shop.

What's it for? Well, everyone needs communications and/or early warning of enemy movements. Especially the Ghar cos they hate everyone. Everyone. Anyways the handle is now re-purposed as a Ghardio/Ghardar mast. It looks quite Art-Deco which has no meaning or value in The Ghar Empire.

The mast is undercoated with a spray of brown followed by Vallejo Red and Sand Yellow. Once dry I painted Vallejo Transparent Red and Transparent Yellow over the bases colours.

The doors, hatches, lights etc were all sourced from the bits box. The washer? Well that was to give the container some weight as well as allow the magnet on the bases of the mast to attach. Making storage easier. I plan to put the container on a Base as well for added strength.

Here's the Ghardar Station in an alien setting with some Ghar troops loitering outside:

Updates as they happen!

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