Saturday, 11 February 2017


Beyond The Gates Of Antares  is a sci-fi game that's caught me in its web recently. I rejoined the October Wargames Club and a game of BTGOA was in progress so I wandered over for a look. To shorten the story: the game was exciting and fun; the chaps playing it were friendly and helpful and I was hooked.

I chose as my faction The Ghar Empire. Hate-filled space goblins who want to slaughter anything non-Ghar. Read the link above for more info.

I've built up a reasonably sized battle group, pics eventually, and these toys will expand it further. They are a Bomber Squad, a sort of mobile mortar with bodyguards. And a Flitter Squad, aerial recon. Sort of.

Thus far they are cleaned, primed and undercoated:

                  Bomber Squad

Flitter Squad


Friday, 10 February 2017

The Wizarding Way

28mm Summoner and Apprentice. I went with a red on red colour scheme for this duo. Cast bases removed and the toys then pinned to a flagged Renedra base. I painted the figures with Vallejo paints. The snow is Cadian Blizzard by GW. 

Updates as they happen!

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

More Frostgrave

 I bought some 'Saga' Varangians. They've got axes and cloaks and appear to be warmly clothed. Ideal for Frostgrave then! 

I snipped off the figures' metal bases then drilled and studded their feet with wire from paper clips. I'm really pleased with the effect. This method seems to be catching on too.

Updates as they happen!