Saturday, 11 February 2017


Beyond The Gates Of Antares  is a sci-fi game that's caught me in its web recently. I rejoined the October Wargames Club and a game of BTGOA was in progress so I wandered over for a look. To shorten the story: the game was exciting and fun; the chaps playing it were friendly and helpful and I was hooked.

I chose as my faction The Ghar Empire. Hate-filled space goblins who want to slaughter anything non-Ghar. Read the link above for more info.

I've built up a reasonably sized battle group, pics eventually, and these toys will expand it further. They are a Bomber Squad, a sort of mobile mortar with bodyguards. And a Flitter Squad, aerial recon. Sort of.

Thus far they are cleaned, primed and undercoated:

                  Bomber Squad

Flitter Squad


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