Monday, 6 March 2017

A Flamboyant Swordsman

I don't normally buy much from GW but the set this toy came from is rather nice. Troops of the Empire apparently and very C16th. I chose the figure entitled 'Champion' as the latest recruit to the ranks of the Wizards' hired hands.

I drilled into his feet then pinned and glued him to a paved base. I'm really keen on this method of basing now. It does take a bit of extra work, especially with metal figures: cutting the base away and drilling the metal. The payoff is the figure stands directly on the bases and there's no having to conceal the metal bases.

The paint job, using Vallejo colours throughout, is obviously Landsknecht in origin. I sealed the deal with 2 coats of Vallejo matte varnish:

Updates as they happen!

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