Friday, 3 March 2017

Ghar Patrol

This post is merely an excuse to show off some of the plastic aquarium plants and curious flora I've picked recently.

The plants come ready coloured and set into a heavy resinbase. I gave them a wash and then dry-brushed some orange-rust over the bases. This will fit them in with my idea of alien soil.

The other things you can see are resin alien 'shrooms. As they were labelled. I preferred the 4 larger ones to be set at ground level as some kind of carnivorous horror plants. One pair in a sickly yellow with green veining. The central section was day brushed in Vallejo Pale Flesh followed by Vallejo Transparent Red. Some red spilled out onto the yellow areas which I quite liked. Given carnivorous alien fungi aren't known for their table manners.

The star-shaped pair were painted Vallejo Medium Flesh followed by a couple coats of Transparent Red. The raised veins in Vallejo Pale Flesh with a poor attempt to blend in Vallejo Dark Flesh to get a leprous vibe.

I sprayed both pairs with gloss varnish. Once dry I painted Vallejo Matte Varnish onto some areas but left other areas with just the gloss to make them look wet and sweaty.

The 4 puffballs were pinned and glued and painted in anew attempt at psychedelic. I did add some thin rolls of putty to the shorter ones to suggest.....something
although now they resemble fungal helter-skelters.

The Ghar patrol transitting the scene comprises:

1 x Flitter
2 x Tectorists
3 x Outcast Infantry
1 x Bomber Squad

Routine job, no trouble expected. Just remember: The Ghar Empire hates YOU.



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