Tuesday, 31 January 2017


I came across this game purely by chance, an article in one of the wargame magazines. I liked the freewheeling nature of the game so dug a bit deeper. I found the Book of Faces group, which is hilarious and informative, often simultaneously. I bought the rule book and found it easy to read and exciting. The freewheelingness was confirmed: no 'thou shalt use only the approved miniatures and rules of holy writ' but instead plenty of 'use the rules as a basis for FUN!!!'.

Next up was assembling figures for the game. You need wizard(s); the game revolves around magic and a number of schools of magic. I won't go into too much detail suffice to say some schools get on, some don't and spells get slung about like bullets. Add on soldiers of various types and a selection of monsters and, well, you get the picture: it's a dangerous but, potentially, lucrative place.

My first wizard is a female Sigilist (words as weapons, fierce language use, death quills, you get the idea) and her, also female, Apprentice. I also had some figures lying in boxes from various wargames shows and long dormant projects. They're all either in service or soon will be.

The game is set in a vaguely medieval/fantasy period and you are actively encouraged to use whatever vaguely medieval/fantasy figures you possess. It's also cold.

Anyways it's pictures of figures you want not me droning on. Eh, voila!

Sigilist & Apprentice 

Thug, Barbarian & Archer

Northmen - Filling Many Soldier Roles
Thug, Man-at-Arms, Thief 

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