Sunday, 29 January 2017

Baseless & Without Foundation

Don't worry this isn't a rant. I simply became tired of dealing with moulded-on bases on my figures. They are a nuisance when it comes to styling the larger base they finally get stuck on: standing on a little mound in the worst instance. With this mind I took my sidecutters and snipped them off. The job does generate a fair pile of scrap metal. Enough for another figure maybe? ☺

Some of the figures can stand up on their own but I prefer to drill into their feet. Insert and secure a pin in each foot using super glue. The number of times I've glued my fingers together is ridiculous!

I then match up the pins with a suitable Base; drill a couple of holes then superglue the figure in place.

It does make the production process a little longer but I think the results are completely worth it.

6 figures de-based & 
ready for foot drilling

Feet drilled and pinned

Here they are mounted
on round flagstone bases

As you can probably see a couple of the figures are not ramrod straight. I think this is a good thing because to my eye it suggests movement. The Viking in particular seems to be really getting into a good swing with the axe he will eventually have. 

The figures themselves are bound for the icy hell of treasure, fighting and magic that is Frostgrave. 


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